Art is the organization of the panoply of institutions, installations, venues, galleries, and practice of art as it happens in relation to Los Angeles existence. Art lessons, art writings, artist statements, gallery openings and art walks are some of the opportunities and adventures that Los Angeles provides for artistic wanderers and creative entities and interested individuals.

The culture and psychology of Southern California can yield surprising and rewarding results in the way of artistic viewpoint, access to art activities and stimulation, and combinatory prolificity not experienced in other locale and milieus. The Los Angeles community of persons of all backgrounds and histories, and their collective and mutual inspiration, can furnish talismanic adornment, decorative motifs, milestones and emblematic tokens of the Los Angeles art continuum.

The geographically specific, modally creative and unique Los Angeles footprint stamps much of its art. Others experience these inputs and answer back. The impressions, reactions, responses and assertions of the Los Angeles community participate in this dialogue. Artists in residency, observors, freelance photographers, painters, freestylers, and trained artisans in the Los Angeles lifestyle inscribe their viewpoints, reactions, interpretations, and commentaries ont and into any medium they choose. The climate, topography, and access to light and space make Los Angeles an infinite possibility of creative exploration.

Yet Art is history as well, despite those who would limit by definition what history comes from. John Hanhardt from the Smithsonian American Museum stated, “From that bison on a cave to the great history of Renaissance painting, photography, the cinema—art is about shaping memories of history and the past.”1“ Does Art shape “memory of history”?

What if history has a shape without the benefit of art. History shapes itself from literature, records, illustrations, and writing. Certainly examination of art yields historical perspective and data. But to say any item or experience must meet a(ny) historical objective to qualify as art seems illucid. If art can be defined, can such a definition of art meet any standard of critical examination? Why do we need a supposition that art requires a historicity value?

Or does where any item or experience of art confronts an observor, history is enacted? Meeting art “in the gaze” of history is not the same things and allowing a painting, drawing, or sculpture impact our aesthetic sensitivity and allowing it to act. Is art shaped from memory and reconstructed in another way?

Does art refine and define history while creating it at the same time? These assertions may be challenged while surveying the “enjoyment of art” options that Los Angeles has to offer. Watch this space for listings, reviews, discussions, and indications that art in Los Angeles is an organization of effort, inspiration, experience, and connection uniquely ours.

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